Year 6 SATs Science papers

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To put all past Year 6 SATs papers on your website, please follow these instructions: Instructions. It will take minutes for your IT person to do, and each year when we add past papers, they will automatically appear on your website – yes, it is magic!…your version won’t have adverts and will not ask you to provide an email address to access, so it is super school-friendly.

KS2 Year 6 Science SATs tests

Download KS2 Science SATs papers online, and for free, from SATs Boot Camp. If you are looking for further help with your Science SATs papers, check out SATs Boot Camp.

Year 6 Science SATs tests have been replaced with teacher assessments, and a random selection of schools are chosen each year to take a sampling Science test so that standards of science learning can be monitored. Download these year 6 SATs science papers to help prepare for Year 6 Science SATs if your school is selected.


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