Moving to the new SATs Boot Camp

SATs Boot Camp has replaced the old resources - if you are on a full package subscription, you have automatically been moved over.

An email has been sent to the email address associated with your account with further instructions. If you didn’t receive it (sometimes our emails do not get received to Yahoo or Hotmail emails) the information on this page is exactly the same as the email. However, you have been issued a new login which has been emailed to you also (we needed to issue new logins for the new platform, as the old system was set up in a way that the children also used these same logins) if you did not receive this, please email us at and we will send it to you.

Whilst you can still log in to the old resources for the next few months (please note: you can no longer log in to Arithmetic Boot Camp - you must log in to the new platform to access this resource), we highly recommend you getting started on SATs Boot Camp as it is really going to help your class/children/child to prepare for the SATs tests. It includes the following tests, which can all be taken online and are marked instantly:

Plus Children can also take all past paper tests from 2016 onwards, online.

All of the old resources are found in the new SATs Boot Camp, for example Maths & Literacy Boot Camp are found in the Revise tab, and Arithmetic & Spelling Boot Camp are found in the Practice SATs tests tab. Spag Wiz Sheets is found on the main dashboard. You will see all of this once you are logged in.

There are two sections below: 1). Teachers and 2). Parents - read the section that is relevant to you.


Once logged in, head straight to the Manage Children tab to check that all of the children you have already added via Arithmetic Boot Camp, are present. If not, you can add them very quickly and easily.

Please read the below - some important notes are listed:

  • Logins: the children in your class need to use the login you created for them for Arithmetic Boot Camp to login to SATs Boot Camp (don't worry if you have not created their logins yet, you can do so quickly and easily).
  • Teachers - you have been emailed a new login - your old one will no longer work, but you can change it back if you want to. Your username and password, plus any other details, can be changed by clicking on My Account.
  • You have been given a number of children in your account, based on how many children you currently have set up on Arithmetic Boot Camp - if this is not enough children, please email us to request that more children are added - we will do this at no other cost for your current subscription period.
  • In your Manage Children tab, you can control whether your Year 6 children have access to take the actual past papers - we have added this feature as some schools use the past papers for assessment purposes so do not want them readily available for their class.
  • Your subscription is set to auto-renew by default. This means that when your subscription expires, we will notify you but you will not need to do anything - it will automatically be renewed, and an invoice sent to your school. We recommend keeping auto-renewal switched on so that there is no downtime between your subscription periods.
  • SATs Boot Camp has a new pricing structure which can be found here, but this does not affect you until your subscription expires. The new pricing structure is £97 for 30 children, plus £2.25 for each extra child. We have capped the price at £197, so for accounts with 75+ children this is the subscription fee.
  • When you subscription expires, the new pricing structure will then be relevant.
  • You can add login functionality to your school website, so that children can log in direct from your school website. Instructions to do so are found in My Account (found in the top right corner of SATs Boot Camp once logged in).


Simply log in using your current log in to get started.

Your username and password, plus any other details, can be changed by clicking on My Account (found in the top right corner of your SATs Boot Camp once logged in)

That’s all! Enjoy SATs Boot Camp!
From the team at SATs Boot Camp