The ultimate Year 6 SATs revision tool

SATs Boot Camp provides 100 online Practice Test Papers in the style of the actual SATs tests, which are all marked instantly so you can track progress and see exactly where revision is needed. Plus over 50 more tests covering each curriculum topic, and revision days that children love!

Teachers – save loads of preparation time, and help your class to revise in a fun and engaging way!

Parents – take the stress out of SATs preparation for your child – many parents tell us that revision actually becomes fun with SATs Boot Camp!

“If I could only have one subscription for SATs prep this would be it. Kids love it, parents love it, staff love it! Simple and effective.”
Laura, Year 6 teacher

How SATs Boot Camp works...



  • 25 days of revision for all Year 6 SATs topics
  • Links to over 2,000 games and learning resources
  • A fun and engaging way for children to learn!

Note: for those of you familiar with Maths and Literacy Boot Camps – these are the backbone of the REVISE section.

*The links take me to activities on other websites that I can access for free - what am I paying for?

All links lead to high quality activities on reputable sites such as the BBC, that can indeed be accessed for free. There are also free websites that offer collections of links to resources - however, we believe that there is nothing quite like Maths & Literacy Boot Camp. Try them to see!


Test your revision

  • Practice tests for every topic, in the style of SATs questions
  • Children can also test themselves on past paper questions from 2016 papers onwards, for every topic (this feature can be switched off if you do not want your class to view past paper questions)
  • All tests are instantly marked so learning gaps can be assessed

Take Practice SATs Tests online

  • 20 Spelling tests
  • 10 Spag Short Answer tests
  • 10 Reading tests
  • 25 Arithmetic tests
  • 10 Reasoning 1 tests
  • 10 Reasoning 2 tests
  • Children can also test themselves on past SATs papers from the 2016 paper onwards (this feature can be switched off if you do not want your class to view past paper questions)

All tests are marked instantly online


View reports (gap analysis)

  • Reports by class
  • Reports by individual
  • Reports by test and by topic
  • You can even see who has been revising!

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Thousands of schools and parents are revising the smart way with SATs Boot Camp!

In a recent survey, 100% of teachers and parents who have used our SATs resources said that they massively helped their class (or child) with their SATs revision.

We have been creating resources for Year 6 SATs since 2009 and receive a huge amount of awesome feedback. We hope that SATs Boot Camp will help you too, to revise for your upcoming SATs – good luck! From the team at SATs Boot Camp.

Note: For those of you that have used our resources before, all of our old resources have been incorporated into SATs Boot Camp. This includes: Maths Boot Camp, Literacy Boot Camp, Arithmetic Boot Camp, Spag Boot Camp and Spag Wiz Sheets. You will find them all once logged into SATs Boot Camp!