Spag Wiz Sheets
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Year 6 SATs resources - to make your life a little easier

What is Spag Wiz Sheets?

Spag Wiz Sheets is the biggest online resource for the Year 6 Spag short answer question paper, containing over 1,300 questions. With the click of a button you can create "Wiz Sheets" full of questions, just like the real SATs paper. Try one of the free topics and see!


"It's so quick and easy to create the Wiz Sheets and the questions are set up like real SATs questions."
Ms Atwal, year 6 teacher, Hammersmith
KS2 Year 6 SPAG revision
Spag Wiz Sheets has been designed to help children preparing for their KS2 SATs tests, in line with the new curriculum. This resource is designed specifically to help children revising for the short answer SPAG SATs question paper. Spag Boot Camp is the perfect companion to Spag Wiz Sheets, helping children revise for their KS2 Spag test paper. You can also download past KS2 Spag SATS papers.